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of educators
are considering leaving the classroom.

But are you stuck? 
Not at all.


There is a world full of possibilities outside of the traditional classroom. Sign up to follow my podcast as I share how I did the unthinkable by:

Overcoming the Guilt of Leaving

My goodness, there is a lot of guilt surrounding teaching--both staying and leaving. But I promise you, you can overcome it and stop apologizing for searching for happiness.


Finding My Love of Teaching Again

A funny thing happened when I stepped away from the bureaucracy and behavior issues--I rediscovered my passion for teaching and rediscovered ME. Where had I been? Drowning in stress.


Forging My Own Path

It's been a bumpy road for sure, but I found what worked best through trial-and-error. Now, I run my own teaching business, New Horizons Academy, and employ four wonderful teachers and two amazing assistants. Everyday, I get to teach what I want to teach, when I want to teach it, and how I want to teach it. Who knew that was possible?

So join me on this journey. You deserve it.

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Reignite Roadmap: Build Your Dream Teaching Business.

Wondering if a teaching business is right for you?

Download this FREE worksheet that will help you:

  • analyze if a teaching business is right for you and

  • lay the foundation that will allow you to overcome your mental blocks.

But I wouldn't just leave you hanging there, friends.

I recorded a FREE quick video lesson to help you work through this worksheet and dig deeper to answer the truly valuable questions that will set you up for success.

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