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SAT & ACT Prep Courses

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SAT & ACT Vocab Prep

Vocabulary can be a daunting hurdle for SAT and ACT test takers. In these courses, we will learn a new set of advanced vocabulary words each week in an interactive environment.

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SAT & ACT Reading Test Prep

Don't let the SAT and ACT Reading sections terrify you! In this class, we'll focus on one question type a week, learning and practicing all the tips & tricks through short excerpts, polls, detailed explanations, games, and a practice test.

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SAT & ACT Grammar/English

This hands-on course covers the most common conventions of standard English errors that appear on the SAT and ACT college entrance exams in a straight-forward, time-friendly approach. All learners will be interacting with the lesson!

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Grammer Editing


SAT & ACT Book Clubs

There are many significant works on the recommended SAT & ACT reading lists. Join us for engaging literature circle book clubs to dive into these important works.

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Colorful Books
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Stop the Essay Stress

Does essay writing seem like an overwhelmingly stressful task? Do you have no idea where to begin, or if you're on the right track? Let's break it down to why each part is important in this four-part class, complete with teacher feedback on learner writing.

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