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Vocab Vigor

Reclaim Your Free Time and

Ignite Student Achievement

Vocab Lesson

Do you...

  • Want to be the best secondary ELA teacher you can be?

  • Not want to sacrifice your home life to get it?

  • Spend countless hours on the couch with your school laptop or a stack of kids' papers?

  • Work your tail off to try to give your students the absolute best, but end up missing out on your family life?

  • Feel tired of burning the candle at both ends?

  • Wish you had the support and resources to make teaching doable?

If this sounds like you, you're not alone....
and you're in the right place to get
the support you deserve.

Vocab Vigor
is designed for teachers just like you.

In this membership you'll:





Receive access to everything you need to teach a top-of-the-line SAT & ACT prep vocab lesson every week

Receive pre-made study materials, great for extra support and differentiation.

Join a private online support community of like-minded teachers and the curriculum creator

Get back hours of your life that you would have spent on prepping more lessons

Young Women

Can you imagine walking into your ELA class on Monday knowing all you have to do is open a link to host a stellar vocabulary test prep lesson chock full of activities that your kids and admin will love? 

Main Reviews

Jihyun K.


"This class is really helpful to improve my students' vocabulary on the SAT. I highly recommend it!"

Tonya E.


"My daughter is enjoying this class because the material is presented in a fun, engaging way. Highly recommended!... This class is lightyears better than another test prep class my daughter tried last week! She appreciated the interactive and colorful slides and games used in this class, it was probably the best digital environment we have seen...over the last 3 years. [The material is presented] in a clear, straightforward manner with just enough repetition to make it stick. Highly recommend!"

Linka K.


"Great class! The format of the class is very engaging and the explanation allows the kids to understand the word fully instead of just memorizing the words."

Main Reviews


Yes, you read that right. You can now start with a FREE 14-DAY TRIAL of the monthly membership to fully gauge if this program will be a solid fit for you, your school, and your students. 

Cancel at any time in your membership portal, and if you're loving it, the full membership will begin on day 15. 

Want to save your spot as one of the first 20 founding members, but you're not ready to begin just yet?

No fears! Set your membership start date to whenever you like during sign-up!

Smiling Woman


Vocab Vigor  gives you more of your life back while simultaneously ramping up student engagement and achievement.

Better yet? It's currently open for enrollment, at a price designed for a teacher's salary.

  • Best Value

    Vocab Vigor VIP Access - MONTHLY PAYMENT

    Every month
    Perfect for ELA teachers Who Want Quizzes & All Enrichments
    Valid for 10 months+ 14 day free trial
  • Vocab Vigor VIP Access - SINGLE PAYMENT

    Valid for 10 months

Get Your School to Buy Vocab Vigor For You

It's a terrible urban myth that teachers have to pay for everything out of pocket. 


Would you expect your doctor to have to pay for their MRI machine out of their personal bank accounts? I think not.

Swipe my
"How to Get Your School to Pay for It"
pack below, complete with:
  • a pre-written rational/proposal letter template for you to just fill in your info and hit send

  • a list of which Common Core State Standards are addressed in Vocab Vigor

  • an explanation of how Vocab Vigor will improve standardized testing scores

  • an explanation of how Vocab Vigor can help significantly reduce classroom behavior issues

  • a breakdown of differentiation techniques employed throughout Vocab Vigor

  • a write-up of how Vocab Vigor can seriously aid in teacher retention

PLUS, pay with a P.O. and still get instant access!

Kelly H.

Kelly H.

My 15-year-olds loved this class,  especially how interactive it was. They felt engaged the whole time. The additional resources provided are wonderful (printouts, Kahoot links, etc.) Great resources!

Stephanie L.

Stephanie L.


Love this resource!

Megan T.

Megan T.

Very informative lessons. My students enjoy it a lot!

What's inside the Vocab Vigor membership:

In this membership, you can go from feeling overwhelmed and burned out to feeling confident and revived in your vocabulary lessons. You will experience your students' phenomenal vocabulary growth while reclaiming more of your home life.



Now you'll get four unit exams, two midterms, and one final exam delivered to you right within the membership!

Are you ready to change your teaching life and take back family time?

Vocab Vigor VIP Access - MONTHLY PAYMENT



Every month

Perfect for ELA teachers Who Want Quizzes & All Enrichments

Valid for 10 months
+ 14 day free trial

Everything in the essentials plan PLUS:

A Google Forms Self-Grading Quiz for Each Lesson

4 Versions of a Printable PDF Quiz for Each Lesson

ZipGrade Answer Sheets for Each Quiz Version

All Quiz Keys + Scannable ZipGrade Keys for Easy Upload

Pass the Story Card Review Game

Jigsaw Activities

Gallery Walk Pictionary Activity

Creative Choice Board

BONUS: Unit Exams, Midterms, and Final Tests Included!

Best Value

Vocab Vigor VIP Access - SINGLE PAYMENT




Valid for 10 months

Everything in the monthly plan with one convenient payment

Save 20% vs. Monthly Plan

Becky's Profile Pic.jpeg

Plus, You'll Be Backed by Our Risk-Free Guarantee

Hey, I've been there. I was a brick-and-mortar teacher for seven years before I moved online. I get that your money is precious.


So here's what I'll do for you. 

Take a week to decide if this is a good fit for you and your students. Teach it, test it, give it a full try.

If you're still not happy at the 7-day mark, send me an email or private message in the group, let me know exactly what worked and didn't work, and I'll refund your first month's subscription fee. 

Lingering Questions? Ask away!

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