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The Vocab Vigor Membership is Coming


Engaging vocabulary lessons are the most powerful way to ignite student achievement while simultaneously allowing teachers to reclaim their free time. 

Vacab Vigor

Do you...

  • Want to be the best secondary ELA teacher you can be?

  • Not want to sacrifice your home life to get it?

  • Spend countless hours on the couch with your school laptop or a stack of kids' papers?

  • Work your tail off to try to give your students the absolute best, but end up missing out on your family life?

  • Feel tired of burning the candle at both ends?

  • Wish you had the support and resources to make teaching doable?

If this sounds like you, you're not alone....
and you're in the right place to get
the support you deserve.

Can you imagine walking into your ELA class on Monday knowing all you have to do is open a link to host a stellar vocabulary test prep lesson chock full of activities that your kids and admin will love? 

Vocab Vigor
is designed for teachers just like you.

In this membership you'll:





Receive access to everything you need to teach a top-of-the-line SAT & ACT prep vocab lesson every week

Receive pre-made study materials, great for extra support and differentiation.

Join a private online support community of like-minded teachers and the curriculum creator

Get back hours of your life that you would have spent on prepping more lessons

"Effective instruction means bringing students’ attention to words in ways that promote not just knowing word meanings but also understanding how words work and how to utilize word knowledge effectively in higher-level tasks, such as reading comprehension..." (McKeown 2019).

What's inside the Vocab Vigor membership:

"[A] strong consensus has formed about features of effective vocabulary instruction, which can be summarized as follows: present both definitional and contextual information, provide encounters with words in multiple contexts, and engage students’ active processing of word meanings..." (Marulis & Neuman 2013).

Smiling Woman


Vocab Vigor  gives you more of your life back while simultaneously ramping up student engagement and achievement.

Better yet? It's opening for enrollment soon, but only for   2 passionate teachers in our founding group.

"[A] recent meta-analysis confirmed that explicit instruction and depth of processing yield the strongest effects for children at risk" (Marulis & Neuman 2013).

Who We Are

Hey there, teacher. I'm Becky Zerr.

My mission is to make life easier for secondary ELA teachers.


I have been there. I taught in brick-and-mortar schools for 7-9 years (depending on whether or not you count subbing when we moved to new towns) before SERIOUSLY burning out.

Yup. It was ROUGH. I had zero support and zero time to create the lessons I dreamed of teaching.

My goal is to keep you from burning out by giving you the support, community, and tools I never had.


I've been on "the outside" since 2019, teaching and tutoring in my own online business and creating the lessons I always dreamed about but never had time to make. Now, I want to share them with you, starting with my top-rated, high-demand SAT & ACT prep vocabulary lessons that, unlike many vocab programs out there, don't suck

Through no-prep links and printouts, you can be done planning 1-5 weekly lessons in a snap based on whether you just use the click-to-play interactive slide deck with built-in games, or you stretch it out to include writing, multiple intelligences, presentations, speaking skills, and more.


Trust me, your teaching days will never be the same.

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