New Horizons Academy 

You're currently in the classroom, digital or otherwise, and you're looking for awesome resources to make your life better. Check out our fan-favorite SAT & ACT Vocab Prep curriculum in The Vocab Alliance, perfect for grades 6+. 

Getting ready for the college entrance exams in the next four years or less? Yup, you read that right. Get a solid foundation to make these portions of the test a breeze. Get vocabulary, reading, grammar, and writing prep. 

New Horizons Academy 

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wherever you are. 

Teaching is in our blood. Our founder, Becky Zerr, taught in secondary-level public classrooms for seven years before setting off on her own to find a better work-life balance, and now she wants to share all she's learned and created with you! 

Find top-notch SAT & ACT Prep Classes for your teens, live and self-paced classes for homeschoolers, curriculum resources for classroom teachers, and ELA teacher support all within this site.