Service Agreement and Policy Handbook

New Horizons Academy, LLC

Service Agreement and Policy Handbook


I. Introduction


Welcome to New Horizons Academy, where the journey of learning meets boundless possibilities. We are thrilled to embark on this educational adventure with you and are committed to providing an enriching experience. This Service Agreement and Policy Handbook serves as a guide, outlining the terms and conditions that govern our online classes and tutoring services. We encourage you to immerse yourself in the details presented here and to reach out with any questions or clarifications you may require.


II. Enrollment and Registration


1. Eligibility:

   - New Horizons Academy proudly extends its educational services to students pre-K through 12th grade, and those seeking comprehensive SAT & ACT exam preparation in reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar. We believe in fostering a diverse community of learners with varied educational needs and aspirations.


2. Registration Process:

   - Our user-friendly website at facilitates a seamless registration process. Explore the course offerings, select the classes aligned with your educational goals, and follow the intuitive registration steps. For personalized guidance, our support team is readily available to assist you through the process.


3. Class Availability and Diversity:

   - The rich tapestry of our classes is subject to availability. To ensure a tailored and personalized learning experience, we recommend early registration. Our commitment to diversity is reflected in the range of courses, offering students the opportunity to explore and excel in various aspects of English Language Arts.


III. Classes and Tutoring Sessions


1. Content and Curriculum:

   - Immerse yourself in the dynamic and thoughtfully curated world of English Language Arts. From young learners just learning their letters to the excitement of preparing for college, our engaging book clubs, small group classes, private tutoring, and targeted SAT & ACT exam preparation courses are all designed to inspire a deep appreciation for language and literature.


2. Dynamic Class Schedule:

   - Our dynamic class schedules are a testament to our commitment to accommodating diverse time zones and scheduling needs. Updated regularly on our website, we ensure timely communication of any changes, empowering students to plan their learning journey effectively.


3. Interactive Video Conferencing:

   - Experience the magic of interactive learning through our secure video conferencing platforms. Designed to facilitate lively discussions, collaborative projects, and personalized tutoring sessions, our virtual classrooms create an environment that transcends traditional boundaries. Secure video conferencing services may include Wix Live Video, Google Meet, and/or Zoom. Each meeting will include your unique video conferencing link, emailed directly to you to make it easy to locate.


IV. Tuition and Fees


1. Transparent Payment Structure:

   - We believe in transparency in all our dealings, including tuition fees. A comprehensive breakdown of fees is available on our website. Payments are due before the commencement of the class or tutoring session, ensuring a seamless start to your educational journey.


2. Refund Policy:

   - Life is unpredictable, and we understand that circumstances may change. Our refund policy, extending within 24 hours of the course start date and time, provides flexibility and reassurance. Should the need arise, our dedicated support team is ready to guide you through the refund process.

V. Code of Conduct


1. Respectful and Inclusive Behavior:

   - At New Horizons Academy, respect is the cornerstone of our community. We foster an environment of inclusivity where students, instructors, and staff treat each other with courtesy and consideration. Embracing diversity enriches the learning experience for everyone. Any students not exhibiting this respect will be removed from the learning environment without refund, and an email detailing the events will be sent to the parent/guardian email on file.


2. Active Participation:

   - Learning is not a passive endeavor. We encourage all students to actively participate in class discussions, ask questions, and contribute to the vibrant exchange of ideas. Through active engagement, students not only absorb information but also develop critical thinking skills that last a lifetime.


VI. Technology Requirements


1. Device Compatibility:

   - Seamless connectivity is integral to our online learning experience. To ensure your device meets the technical requirements for optimal participation, refer to the specifications outlined on our website. In general, we advise attending classes from a computer or tablet to be able to see the class materials well. This ensures access to all features and resources essential for effective learning.


2. Software Updates and Technical Support:

   - Stay ahead of the curve by keeping your video conferencing software and browsers up to date. Our support team is committed to assisting you with any challenges you may encounter, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted learning journey.


VII. Privacy and Security


1. Confidentiality Commitment:

   - Your privacy is paramount. We emphasize the confidentiality of class materials and recordings. Unauthorized sharing of these materials is strictly prohibited to uphold the integrity of our educational environment and the privacy of our students and instructors.


2. Security Vigilance:

   - Be our partners in maintaining a secure learning environment. Report any suspicious activity or security breaches promptly. Your vigilance contributes to the overall safety and well-being of our educational community.


VIII. Educational Value


At New Horizons Academy, LLC, our commitment to educational excellence is reflected in our carefully designed curriculum, which aims to:


1. Cultivate a Love for English Language Arts:

   - Our courses are crafted not just to teach, but to inspire a lifelong love for the English language, literature, and effective communication.


2. Enhance Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills:

   - Beyond the acquisition of knowledge, we prioritize the development of critical thinking and analytical skills. These skills empower students to approach challenges with confidence and creativity.


3. Prepare for Academic Success and Standardized Tests:

   - Our specialized SAT & ACT exam preparation courses go beyond test strategies. They equip students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in standardized testing, opening doors to future academic endeavors.